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Diversity and Inclusion

At DMA, we don’t merely declare our commitment to diversity. We’ve long integrated into how we do business a practical approach that achieves a breadth of candidates for every client and every vacancy.

Our job is to achieve the best possible shortlists for our clients. We conduct broad and in-depth searches for high-quality candidates, simultaneously expanding and filtering the field so that we find the finest fit in every vacancy we fill.

In this context, diversity isn’t just a buzzword. It can’t be a box-ticking exercise that simply meets the letter of the law or the spirit of a corporate policy. Diversity is a practical tool for achieving the best possible results.

That’s why at DMA we have put in place a set of standard operating procedures that place diversity considerations at the centre of our searches. From gender and ethnicity to class and sexuality, we go the extra mile to widen every field of potential candidates – it’s just how we do things.

A diverse field of candidates doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work, contacts and consideration. At DMA, our operatives have the networks, sensitivity and skills necessary to finding the best shortlists for every role by ensuring considering every suitable candidate.

The narrower a pool of talent, the less complete any search will be – and the more limited a search, the poorer any ultimate shortlist. Diversity is about ensuring that the potential pool of talent available for any vacancy is as large as it possibly can be.

Ultimately, diversity has an important, measurable purpose: it ensures that our clients secure the best candidates for the job, not just the ones hiding in plain sight. Reflecting the true range of the available talent is linked inextricably with quality recruitment. We do the work necessary – and see the big picture.

Recruitment is always about finding the best person for the job. Diversity of search and shortlist is how you can be sure you’ve done so.