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We believe values are important. Every time we recruit for a client, we do so on the basis of an understanding we’ve developed: of our client’s company, their needs … and their values. Skills are important in a candidate, but so is fit. Values make culture … and culture demands particular types of employee.

But just as important as your values are our own. We undertake all our work on the foundation of these simple rules to which we hold ourselves. We think it makes our work better – and our clients seem to agree.

Our approach rests on five basic elements that we stick to, no matter what.


We take an honest and frank approach to recruitment, with both candidate and client. We don’t draw up shortlists for the sake of it – everyone needs to know that when we recommend a role or a candidate we do so because we think it’s right to do. We up-front, and we’re open.


In our line of business, forging good relationships is so important. Focusing on forging long-lasting connections is how we’ve built a network of working partnerships with a wide range of clients and candidates across the service–led industries … and that network is how we do our job.


Everything you build can only last if your standards stay high. That’s why we always strive to offer the highest standards of service to both the client and candidates. We take pride in the quality of our work, and keeping our standards high is how we retain business and maintain relationships.


For us, recruitment is about finding the best person for every job. That’s about more than reading a CV. It’s about knowing a business and understanding a vacancy – and meeting candidates in order to get to know them, too. We take seriously the fact that we are representatives of our clients and candidates.

Fairness & Understanding ­

Recruitment happens best when it is transparent. We believe in dealing openly with our clients and candidates and communicating honestly. We like to be even-handed and clear, and develop an understanding between all parties. Done this way, recruitment works – and can be a pleasure, too.