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DMA Takes on Wastefront in Exclusive New Arrangement

I’m extremely excited to announce some great news for DMA Recruitment, and for candidates in the Waste Management, Industrial and Chemical sectors. Vianney Vales, CEO of the very ambitious firm Wastefront, has appointed DMA and myself as their exclusive recruiter of choice.

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Retainer discounts for sole supplier agreements

We’re pretty proud at DMA that many of our clients appreciate our work, team and approach so much that they switch to us being their sole recruitment supplier. Of course, hybrid recruitment arrangements can work – but especially in specialist sectors it can also be most beneficial to find an expert recruiter and stick with them.

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Spending Time at a Sustainable Wembley stadium

The last few weeks at the DMA offices have passed while most of us have been trying not to feel too green with envy. Our MD, Charlie, has been lucky enough to receive invitations to several of England’s Euro 2020 games at Wembley – unfortunately he didn’t also get a handful of plus-ones!

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Achieving Compliance: Why It Matters, And How To Do It

We’ve been doing a lot of work recently with some of our waste management clients, and in this sector it’s becoming increasingly clear how critical WEEE is to doing business properly, sustainably, and in a way that meets customer – as well as regulator – expectations.

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Why An Academic-Only CV Is Incomplete

Our MD’s eldest son, George, is with us at the DMA offices at the moment. He’s manning the phones and putting calls through to the appropriate advisors, getting a little taste of how hectic life in a busy recruitment agency can get! (We might also take him for coffee at some point.)

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Working As A Team: How Recruiter and Client Are Like A Jazz Band

The great jazz musician Wynton Marsalis once that “a musician’s life is to listen”. What he meant by this was that musicians need to pay close attention to each other: if they are to make music worth hearing, they need to be able to understand each other. In this sense, recruitment is in fact a lot like jazz.

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