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Why An Academic-Only CV Is Incomplete

Our MD’s eldest son, George, is with us at the DMA offices at the moment. He’s manning the phones and putting calls through to the appropriate advisors, getting a little taste of how hectic life in a busy recruitment agency can get! (We might also take him for coffee at some point.)

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Working As A Team: How Recruiter and Client Are Like A Jazz Band

The great jazz musician Wynton Marsalis once that “a musician’s life is to listen”. What he meant by this was that musicians need to pay close attention to each other: if they are to make music worth hearing, they need to be able to understand each other. In this sense, recruitment is in fact a lot like jazz.

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New Hire At DMA Brings An Extra Dimension

At DMA we’re always seeking to expand our own team. As well as helping our clients make all the right hires, we pride ourselves on hand-selecting individuals with unique skills and CVs that can help unlock further benefits for our roster of customers and candidates alike.

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Why For Recruiters Data Is The New Oil

They say money makes the world go around, but I’ve always thought that we’d be more accurate to say that it’s oil. This isn’t an original observation, of course..

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Why The Recruitment Industry Shouldn’t Struggle to Say “No”

One way to understand recruitment is that it’s about making connections. A recruiter’s job is to find the right candidate for the most appropriate role, and this creates what we call the ‘golden triangle’: best for the client, best for the candidate … and, of course, best for the recruiter.

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What Are The 3 Ws?

When it comes to good recruitment, at DMA we all think it’s about getting personal. We think getting to a know business and it needs, and also understanding each and every candidate and their skills, is crucial to making good matches – and therefore achieving sustainable, beneficial appointments.

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