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For Candidates

Candidates register with DMA because we offer a personalised approach to recruitment which understands every business with whom we work – and then seeks to find the best fit for everyone involved. We believe in valuing each party – and have found that working in this way results in the best, most long-lasting relationships … between agency, client and candidate equally.

First and foremost, this means we give you our personal attention: we provide all the help and advice you need, alongside help with your CV, interview support and salary guidance, to ready you for the recruitment process. Communication at this stage is crucial: we need to understand your skills and style in order to find you the role in which you’ll excel.

Our work with candidates is governed – and enriched – by our five golden rules.


Individuals crave updates – it’s human nature. We all like being kept in the loop with a phone call or email when an employer goes quiet – and, of course, we all appreciate feedback on interview performance. As an agency, we don’t work against that natural instinct, but seek to meet it. We keep in touch with all of our candidates regularly when working on a role together, and will never leave you out in the cold.


Communication works both ways. If one of our candidates isn’t suitable for a given role, they want to know the truth. No one wants to be put forward for something they won’t get, and they want to hear the full feedback from the client. We expect candidates to be honest with us – and we respect you enough to return the favour. We won’t waste your time, and we don’t

 “The Triangle Effect”

Recruitment is important, and it should be taken seriously. Candidates appreciate that recruiters represent both the employer and themselves, but they also rightly want to be an equal third in that relationship – and not a commodity to be “pimped out.” We assume you want to be consulted with, to share your frustrations and your career plans and goals. At DMA, you’re not fodder for the process – but central to it.


Recruitment can be a long process – but it doesn’t need to be a hazy one. In our experience, candidates feel much more comfortable when they understand the client’s recruitment process from start to finish, and the timescales involved. If things are taking longer than they should be, then, of course, you want to know why. Rest assured, we’ll keep you abreast of each stage – no nasty surprises.

 Added Value

We all look for added value from our service providers, and candidates are no different when it comes to working with a recruiter. You’re looking for that special something which can give you the competitive edge over other candidates: in-depth market knowledge, recent best thinking on interview preparation, best-practice preparatory materials … at DMA, we have the knowledge to help, and share it.

We’re here not just to search for vacancies on your behalf – but to end that search by finding your perfect role. Candidates register with us because we know how to achieve that goal.