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Engineering is all about getting the details right – finding the right solution through careful attention to the details. In that way, recruitment shares a lot with the sector: at DMA, we keep a keen eye on the little things to ensure that, together, we do recruitment right.

Across the range of the engineering sector, from chemical through to mechanical, we get to know each of our clients in detail and in-depth. As well as bringing to bear our understanding of their industry globally, we take time to understand the particular needs of every business we work with: what they need, what they have, and where recruitment can add value. Taking on new people is about filling gaps and enhancing provision – we get to know your business so we can achieve exactly that.

From civil engineering to vehicle and electrical applications, your sector is varied and complex. That’s why you need a recruiter with long experience in the industry – you don’t want to spend time schooling them on the basics. But it’s also why you need one who will pay you the proper attention – no one engineering firm is the same, and therefore no one recruitment exercise is identical. You can trust us to find you the right people – because we know engineering … and we know you.

In other words, we’ll keep our eyes on the details of recruitment – freeing you up to put your own focus where it needs to be.