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Operational staff are on the frontline of your service delivery. They are the people that make things happen – and, when making things happen is your business, that means they’re important people. Recruiting the right individuals from day one is therefore essential.

DMA recruit operational staff for clients across our range of sectors, ensuring that the candidates we source for each of the companies we work with are well-qualified, highly motivated and a great fit for the prevailing corporate culture. There’s no room for error with operational staff: they often need to hit the ground running, and we understand how important it is to have the right people in post, on time and with as little fuss as possible.

That’s why we take time to understand your particular operational needs and procedures. From supervisors to branch managers, and operational to general management, the roles we fill for our clients in this area are among the most crucial in any sector. We consult with our clients to understand and express the precise requirements of each role – and draw up unique shortlists for every position, carefully curating our field of candidates to those needs.

In other news, we prioritise efficiency – just as all good operational staff should do … and will do, if you recruit through DMA.