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Production is the lifeblood not just of individual businesses but of the wider economy as a whole. Individuals who work in production facilitate the manufacture or assembly of almost every item human beings can think to use. Recruiting good production operatives and managers, then, is essential on more than one level.

At DMA, we pride ourselves on long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike. This approach has developed a very wide network, and an excellent reputation within every sector in which we work, that we draw on each time we undertake recruitment activity. We meet every candidate and understand every client; we get to know your needs so that we can make the right connections. Production roles are about putting things together in the right shape – so is recruitment.

From production managers to process operatives, we look closely with you at the demands of a given role – and arrive at an understanding of the precise skill mix required of the optimum candidate. Across the manufacturing and engineering, environmental and recycling sectors, DMA helps our clients get these key appointments right, on a commission or retained basis.

Efficient production lines make useful things. Great recruitment makes quality production lines.