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hose of your employees who manage your risk hold a special – and especially important – place in your organisation. At DMA, we believe there’s no point taking any unnecessary risks with your recruiting them.

Your risk team keeps you, your business and their colleagues safe. Knowing how your business operates, and what risks it might be exposed to, is crucial to their performance. Not coincidentally, it’s important to recruitment, too – and DMA develops a keen understanding of your company and its needs before we ever put a candidate before you. Entrusting your risk to any member of staff is a big step – and it’s easier to make if you know they’re the right person for the job.

From damage to injuries and liabilities, finance to insurance, your risk team is on the very frontline of your commercial activity, watching for fault-lines and ensuring you’re as safe and protected as possible. We are very careful to source candidates well suited to your sector, your company and your risk team – we look at qualifications holistically and choose only those candidates that fill the gap in your organisation exactly. That’s the best way to find the best people.

Don’t take any risk when it comes to risk recruitment. Choose the DMA way.