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Safety – H&S

In any organisation, the Health and Safety team are at the frontline of ensuring that every one of their colleagues is working appropriately and in accordance with their health. Recruiting conscientious individuals with an attention to detail and a dedication to their team is therefore really important.

At DMA, our approach is perfectly suited to achieving this aim. We understand your sector, and we get to know your business – its needs, culture and any gaps it may currently need to fill. We have a broad network of candidates whose trust we have built, and whom we meet face-to-face before putting them on any shortlist; and we’re committed to recruitment, with the knowledge and experience it takes to help you make the right choice, each time.

Health & Safety is an area defined by often complex and always changing codes and regulations. Understanding your obligations as a business – and fulfilling them appropriately – is a legal as well as a moral requirement. That makes your H&S team critical: not only do they keep your staff safe, but they ensure your business is and remains compliant. We have the skill and the contacts necessary to ensure the people you place in these key roles will never let you – or your workforce – down.

In other words, choosing DMA is the safest way to undertake your Health & Safety recruitment.