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It’s the people in the technical roles in your business who make things happen. The engine of the modern office, information technology needs to be managed expertly if it is to release the capacities of your organisation. And that requires high quality recruitment.

Technical managers and officers, whether permanent or on contract, unlock projects by applying their expertise to solving problems and ensuring maintenance of critical systems. Not only that, but they support other staff in service delivery, too – and often undertaken hands-on installation or support functions that render them integral to every element of the business.

At DMA, we have built a first-class reputation for technical recruitment across a range of sectors. From programme managers to desktop support, beta tester to systems designers, we can call on our large network of potential candidates – and find the person who will slot right into the vacancies you have. It’s not just about knowing your C++ from your PERL, either: it’s about being the right kind of person, and we focus keenly on finding a fit for your corporate culture as well as your particular staffing issue.

Every firm in the FTSE 100 employs IT recruitment as a key strategy – it should be one of yours, too. We can show you how.