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Going The Distance For Young People

3rd March 2021

We posted last month about the great work that Charlie’s son Jude has been doing in support of the Prince’s Trust. In order to raise money to help up-skill young people, Jude has been packing in a huge number of steps every day – and just keeps on adding more!

On the last day of February, Jude went a lot more than the extra mile: he walked a marathon for the Trust! This was the culmination of his month’s worth of fundraising, and we could not believe it when Charlie told us all about it on Monday.

From 8am until 8.30pm, when Charlie picked him up at the end of the walk, Jude covered over 26.2 miles and 62,000 steps. Bear in mind that Jude’s original goal was just 10,000 steps a day!

What’s especially great from our perspective at DMA is that Jude is doing all this in aid of getting young people into better jobs. The Trust works with 16–30-year-olds who have experienced challenges in their lives – and raises funds to help get them into training.

For a recruitment firm, you can’t find a worthier cause! So we’ve been cheering Jude on all month – and this final marathon is a really amazing achievement. (Charlie is still beaming, proud dad that he is.)

Jude and his mum Kate would like to thank everyone who supported them during this long, walking February. We’d just like to congratulate them!

If you’re interested in the Prince’s Trust work with young people and training, you can read more here. Why not follow Jude’s lead and raise a bit of money for them yourself?