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Jude’s 10,000 steps challenge to support the Princess trust

19th February 2021

The youngest son of DMA’s MD, Charlie, is doing something special this month.

Jude is trying to raise some awareness of – and some funds for! – the work of the Prince’s Trust in supporting 16–30-year-olds who ha ve experienced challenges in their lives. The Trust, and Jude along with them, is raising money that will contribute to a fund for the training – and hopefully potential employment – for these young people.

Jude’s goal is to hit 10,000 steps every day for the whole of February, and he’s been asking people to sponsor him in his efforts. Charlie’s role? He’s handling the fundraising. He had never run a Just Giving page before, but he felt this was a really good cause – besides, how could he refuse his 10-year-old son?

Jude is exceeding his goal and averaging around 24,000 steps per day, which we have to admit is pretty incredible. He steps early each morning, at every lunchtime and at the end of each day. Next week, he is hoping to increase this to even more steps. There are around 600 teams of six people each, and Jude and Charlie’s wife Kate are lying in 2nd place.

Helping others find work and building their self-confidence is something really worth doing. A lot of us take this for granted – but the Prince’s Trust, and Jude, are helping those who can’t.