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Recruitment 101: Being True To Who You Are

19th February 2021

For many companies, the last year has been a time of challenge. Adversity can often bring clarity, though: it requires us to think carefully about what our company is, who is it for and how it can deliver the best possible service.

Despite the economic downturn occasioned by lockdowns, recruitment has never stopped in some sectors – indeed, several have been hiring more than ever. At DMA, we have adapted quickly and focused on supporting our clients to make it through this period by adopting recruitment strategies and processes that help achieve their goals quickly, smoothly – and sustainably.

We’re no different to many of our clients, then, in finding this period to be one that’s led us to reflect and reassess. Our founder, Charlie Beaumont, has always led from the front and been a very hands-on MD, but now more than ever he’s been spending time speaking to our clients directly about what they value.

That’s led us, too, to go back to basics and arrive at a set of principles that reaffirms how we do things, too:

1. MD Involvement. Strong leadership – and senior involvement in every contract – is part of how DMA works. It gives our clients experience, assurance and expertise on ever job.

2. Screening & Profiling. We don’t shortlist just anyone – and we don’t contact simply everyone. Rather, we believe that the best shortlists are the most qualified – in both sense of the word.

3. Team & Group Commission. At DMA, we believe that we deliver the best results as a team – and that’s why we reward each other as a group, too. DMA works together on every single vacancy.

4. High Levels of Resource. Point 3 moves seamlessly into point 4: our team-based structure means that every job can have a lot of resource devoted to it. We don’t short-change a single vacancy.

We often advise candidates and clients alike to be true to who they are: that through honesty and clarity they will find the best fit for them. We apply the same principles to our own work, too: and we stay true to our values, for the benefit of our company, our clients … and our candidates.

How have you approach the pandemic: as a time to change, or a time to return to first principles? Let us know, and tell us what it means for you; we’re always up for a chat.