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Retainer discounts for sole supplier agreements

26th August 2021

We’re pretty proud at DMA that many of our clients appreciate our work, team and approach so much that they switch to us being their sole recruitment supplier. Of course, hybrid recruitment arrangements can work – but especially in specialist sectors it can also be most beneficial to find an expert recruiter and stick with them.


Certainly we believe that DMA offers a unique package of experience, expertise and innovative approach which is hard for other firms to match in our chosen areas of activity. Our clients often come to rely on our personalised approach which privileges dialogue with the client: over short or long periods, we get to know your business, and find the right candidates for it specifically. We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf- shortlists.


But enough trumpet-blowing. If a client decides to go the route of adopting us as their sole provider, we want to return that show of trust – and that’s why we offer reduced fee arrangements for our exclusive clients. We don’t think any business would make the decision to adopt a recruiter as their sole supplier just to get a discount – but once the decision is made we consider it a mark of a special, productive relationship.


Several clients in the last three to six months have gone this route with us, appointing us as their only supplier of recruitment services. They tell us it’s because of our commitment to their company: our professionalism, yes, but also our loyalty, the way we encourage a company to feel safe in our hands. We believe the best recruitment happens when client, recruiter and candidates are working in tandem and understanding – our clients seem to agree.


These exclusive arrangements at reduced retainer fees are for us a great sign that this consultative approach to recruitment pays dividends which customers notice. After such a bruising period for so many sectors, it’s also a sign of our commitment to our clients – and, we hope, vice versa.


If you want to have a chat about our exclusive retainers at a reduced fee, just drop us a call!