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The DMA Team in 2021

26th February 2021

At DMA, we’re a team-based business: under the leadership of our founding MD, every job we take on we take on together. That means that every vacancy gets the full breadth of our expertise and experience – and a complete commitment of our total resource.

This means that our team is important to us. That’s why it’s been such a big achievement for us across the period of the pandemic that we have managed to keep it together. We know how lucky we are in this – the last year has been a challenging time for many of us – and we’re grateful.

That we’ve kept everyone aboard is also an expression of our commitment to each other, however. We’ve been fortunate – but we’ve also shown fortitude, and in large part that’s because we’re convinced the team we have serves our clients really well. It’s been worth going the extra mile to keep the “band” together!

Our Team provide the full recruitment package – from consultations on proposed
recruitment strategies to assisting with succession planning, to adverts, job descriptions and person specifications.

Each has their own role: Charlie always advises Senior Management Selection Boards and assists with the Interview Process, although he also provides input on every job; Kate Declan, Yashmin, Nick and Chris, meanwhile, each have their areas of expertise – and can call on each other at all times to add breadth and depth to each recruitment process.

From management and board-level appointments to operations, support, sales and technical positions, our team is really well balanced – a bit like those old games of Tetris, in which every block has its place. It’s a satisfying team to work with for this reason – over time, we’ve built a group that works.

That’s why we’re writing this blog, in fact: because we’re proud of this team, and of the fact that – throughout the many stages of this pandemic – we’ve kept it together in order to serve our clients the best we can.

We’ve had to be responsive – Charlie, for example has been offering his services free of charge to many clients – and flexibility has been a watchword for many of our clients during this time, too. So drop us a line today to see how we can help your efforts to be nimbler whilst also retaining quality: we’re happy to report that our team is (still!) here to help.