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Wanted: Candidates for Interim Appointments!

19th February 2021

Interim roles can be among the most crucial – and the most tricky – for any business to fill. We’re always on the look-out for great candidates.

By their very nature, they are “stop-gap” positions, and this often means they are essential to fill, and quickly; but it also means that the best candidates will need to be good “fits” with pre-existing cultures within a business … and should be able to hit the ground running.

At DMA, we have a long history in sourcing interim appointments for our clients. Our founding MD, Charlie Beaumont, specialises in working with Boards and Senior Team Leaders to understand the specific requirements of an interim appointment.

Those needs are often very specific – each interim appointment is different, and very often fulfils an unusually particular need within a given business. That means that every shortlist, too, needs to be unique.

That’s where we come in: the DMA approach to shortlisting is to source candidates that are properly qualified for every role as standard: our view is that the best recruitment processes are also the ones that last. Sustainability comes from achieving best fit – and that’s where proper shortlisting earns its spurs.

In the case of interim appointments, this is even more true. Businesses looking to make these kinds of hire are often seeking an experienced, hand-picked professional to make a strategic difference quickly. That’s a demanding ask – and requires an expert search for the right candidate.

Charlie’s specialism in this area is therefore a huge book to our clients: over the years he has built up a strong bank of Interims in every sector, and his network is therefore the perfect place to start any exacting search for a high-quality appointment. His experience, too, means he’s able to take a lot of the heavy-lifting a client, so that they can focus on their business.

You can read more about our Interim Appointments service here. If you’re on the look-out for an interim role, and think you have what it takes, then please get in touch to have a chat with Charlie – we’ll be keen to connect you with the role that’s right for you.