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Elaghmore is a private investment partnership specialising in growing companies which can stand out in the marketplace, expanding upon their potential by working with management teams to craft outstanding offerings. Their no-nonsense consultative approach is born of the fact that they, too, were once operators – given then hands-on experience and expertise that translates into an entrepreneurial style and a great record of achieving improvement and growth in their investments.

DMA have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship of many years with Elaghmore, working with them in their full range of Manufacturing, Production and Services projects. For each new investment, we work closely with the respective business and spend time understanding their services, needs and challenges. For many years we have worked on both a contingency basis and retained approach for Elaghmore, depending on the immediate need and role, and also the confidentiality and urgency involved. Across the Group, we have sourced Managing Directors, Buyers, Sales Directors, Operations Directors, Quality Managers and Heads of Production in both the UK and Europe.