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Contract Recruitment

Short-term assignments can be essential to business growth. Whatever the need for contract hire, at DMA we understand that there’s no reason to seek short-term recruits with anything other than the same attention to qualification and fit that we would pay to a permanent role.

We work with contractors on a business-to-business basis, liaising between our client and the contractor’s company, whether a personal limited company or an umbrella company operated by a third party. We manage this process and interaction to ensure hiring and managing a contract appointment is as seamless and streamlined as possible for all parties.

Short-term assignments reduce the liability of an organisation since the benefits due to a permanent member of staff are not due to contracts of typically six-month duration or less.

Crucially, however, contractors must hit the ground running – meaning that finding the right fit just as important as for a full-time recruit … especially as the option of renewals means that, in many cases, some contractors work for the same client for several years. We take the time to understand your business – and then build the bridges necessary to find the best contractors for you.