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Interim Appointments

Through interim management, a company can access an experienced, senior ‘hands-on’ manager, hand-picked to match their very specific needs. This may be someone with a proven track record working in a particular sector; or it may be someone who has successfully tackled the issues with which a company needs particular help – such as establishing an overseas operation, managing a merger or acquisition, handling a corporate turnaround or introducing a major new technology.

DMA have placed Interims with our clients for well over twenty years. Our networks have been cultivated, and continually replenished, over these many years to ensure that we can offer the best possible candidates to each of our clients. We apply a deep understanding of a company’s sector and specific needs to each and every one of our interim searches – good shortlists are for us a point of professional pride.

The benefit of Interim managers is that they are available immediately – whereas a permanent employee, by the time they have served their notice period at a previous appointment, may take many months to be up and running. Typically hired for 6-9 months, interim managers are adept at walking into often very challenging situations in which the need is immediate, the timeframe is tight and they need to make things happen fast.

Of course, all this means that your any Interim appointment needs to be the right one – there is no room for error, and any Interim manager needs to be both a good fit for the company and also qualified enough to make the necessary changes. That’s a challenge. But the good is that, in our decades of experience, we’ve learned how to strike exactly that balance on behalf of our clients.