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Senior Appointments

Few appointments are as critical as the most senior. Good leadership makes the difference to every business – and making the right selections at the senior level is the way every organisation builds a management team capable of success.

Our founder and Managing Director, Charlie Beaumont, has worked for many years with the widest range of clients in exactly this arena, finding the best individuals available for a raft of crucial senior appointments worldwide. Charlie’s passion for working with each client, and really being part of the team, adds special value for our clients – he meets each of our candidates and can paint a genuine picture of everyone. In fact, many of our clients retain Charlie on a monthly basis – so that his proactive approach keeps the client ahead of the competition.

With that constant focus on delivery, we emphasise developing an understanding of for each of our clients – who they are, what they do … and what they need. Only by taking the time to listen and comprehend the need for and context of an appointment we together arrive at a shortlist worthy of the post.

We take recruitment seriously – and in choosing us our clients demonstrate that they do, too. Starting a new role requires professionalism on the part of the successful candidate – and, on the part of the employer and agent, and it is very important in turn that the process runs smoothly and seriously from day one. With this in mind, DMA offers a service that requires a small retainer, deducted from the final fee.

We put your values first – and prioritise the quality of our service. In any senior appointment process, all three parties – client, agent and candidate – need to feel valued. By putting this balance front and centre, we specialise in bringing together the very best people companies and candidates alike.